Social Media Training

Ready to learn to use social media effectively?

It's time to get serious about marketing your small business online with social media. You need guidance to create a realistic plan for you and your team, become consistent with your posting, and start building a community online. But where do you start? First, we determine what IS working, and what just isn’t anymore. We find the missing links and determine the opportunities for your business online. Then, we get to work! I'm here to support you through social media training, and I know I can help. Choose an option below to work with me! (In person options are available for the Zoom options below, with travel fee based on time and mileage. Email [email protected] to inquire.)

90-Minutes To Get-It-Done
One-on-One Zoom Session

Have a specific platform you’d like to learn, get set up or refreshed? 

Need a content plan?

Let's dig into your goals, objectives, and create together! I love to build from scratch, tweak, and come up with an actionable plan to create a fully optimized social media presence for your business. It’s time to dig in and GET IT DONE (with my help!) in 90 minutes. Let me save you tons of time, and stress by working alongside you! 

You will receive 30 days of complimentary membership in The Embrace Social U Classroom with your purchase of a 90 minute session.

This takes place on Zoom. 

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"Excellent and thorough knowledge of the platforms and how to use them best; support and accountability; and teaching skills. I learned about and gained confidence in using social media; Stacey is a great educator and coach, is patient and fun to work with! I appreciate your sincere interest and enthusiasm in helping me."

Sue Ellen Sweeney
Owner, Life Coach and Life Mastery Consultant

"I just had a great session with Stacey Ann Nachajski at Great Brook Media. She helped me identify just what I need to do next, listened intently to my hesitations and needs, and helped me sort through the messy edge I'm sitting on as my business grows. Most importantly, we actually honed my "mission statement," if you will. I ended the meeting with a clear list of action items, all within reach, and all perfectly aligned with my goals, vision, and new mission statement. So grateful and re-inspired to wade through the next steps of growth!! Thanks Great Brook Media!"

Marybeth Hallinan
Founder/Director, Voicings Adventure Singing Camp

"I was feeling completely overwhelmed and stuck spinning my wheels. I had tried to grab hold of the beast on my own many times but there was just SO much that I didn’t really know where to to start. So I started and stopped a lot. I felt like you really understood my business and gave me some solid step by step directions. A plan I could start implementing right away!"

Kristy Ouellette
Owner, Mickey Guru Travel Co

"My first call with Stacey to chat about my business left me feeling so peaceful. She went above and beyond with her time and really helped me narrow in a few simple tasks to start with before our next meeting. I felt she really listened to my struggles..."

Kelley Cady
Founder, Wellness Stripped

Looking for More?

Stacey offers more than just 1:1 training! If you need more information on speaking, DIY learning, or in-person sessions, check out the links below.


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