Social Media Coaching

Ready to learn to use social media effectively?

It's time to get serious about marketing your small business online with social media.

You need guidance to create a realistic plan for you and your team, become consistent with your posting, and start building a community online. But where do you start? 

Step One

First, we determine what IS working, and what just isn’t anymore.

Step Two

We find the missing links and determine the opportunities for your business online. 

Step Three

Then, we get to work! I'll help you learn social media to grow your business.

90-Minute Social Media Intensive

One-on-One Zoom Session

Let's dig into your goals, commit to your objectives, and create your optimized social media presence together!

We'll build from scratch, tweak, and create an actionable plan for your business. We'll work through specific platform questions, update your bios, and provide training where you need it most to focus your efforts. 

It’s time to dig in and GET IT DONE (with my help!) in 90 minutes. Let me save you tons of time and stress by working alongside you, so you can finally move forward. 

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Lindsey Reyes, Reyes Virtual Solutions

"Stacey is incredible in the ever changing world of Social Media. She has a way of explaining things and creating easy-to-follow processes that anyone can follow along with to make their business successful or assist someone with growing their online presence. I highly recommend Stacey to anyone looking to increase their social media skills and knowledge!"