Social Media Coaching

Ready to get intentional with your time on social media?

Social Media is an opportunity to connect with your ideal people. Isn't it time you made it work for you?

Showing up on a regular basis to support your followers and guide them to their next steps is how you're going to be able to grow your business. You can do this. And it's worth the time and energy to jump in and do it right! 

Let's dig in and make social media  work for you...


First, we establish the foundation for your messaging on social. Who are you? Who are your ideal people and what are your goals?


Next, we commit to our content. Where will we be spending our time, what will we share and how often? How will we measure our success?

Work the Plan

Then, we take action! We Consistently implement our plan - learning and optimizing as we go. This is where the magic happens!

Social Foundations Package 

Create your Social Media Strategy with Me! 

Work with me to get crystal clear on where you need to be spending your time with social media marketing. My Social Media Foundations Package will help you to create a customized social media strategy that will serve as your road map for all of your social media activities.

This package was designed for the ambitious entrepreneur who needs support from an expert, a strategic plan, and a boost of inspiration to get their social media efforts moving forward - with intention.

This package includes:

* One 2-hour kickoff call where we determine your messaging, your target audience and your goals

* Complete audit and action report with recommendations across your website, social media platforms - including a plan for email marketing! 

* One 30-minute follow up phone call to go over the audit and recommendations

Intentional, consistent and effective social media is within your reach - let’s get you consistently showing up for your people, and get your message to the people who need to hear it most!

Book a Call with Me!

The Social Groove Strategy & Implementation Intensive:

One-on-One Zoom Session with follow up

With a 90-Minute 1:1 Social Groove Intensive, you’ll receive personalized and laser-focused strategy, with a clear plan of what to do next. Let's dig into your goals for social media, commit to an action plan, and create your optimized social media presence together!

This option has been used by previous clients to:

  • Set up social media platforms from scratch
  • Take stock of current social media communication and make real time adjustments on existing accounts
  • Receive platform or digital tool-specific training
  • Prepare a social media launch plan for upcoming programs
  • Map out up to 90 days of content that connects with their ideal followers

It’s time to dig in and GET IT DONE (with my help!) in 90 minutes. Let me save you tons of time and stress by working alongside you, so you can finally move forward. 

Session fee is $297

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Lindsey Reyes, Reyes Virtual Solutions

"Stacey is incredible in the ever changing world of Social Media. She has a way of explaining things and creating easy-to-follow processes that anyone can follow along with to make their business successful or assist someone with growing their online presence. I highly recommend Stacey to anyone looking to increase their social media skills and knowledge!"