SMMW Takeaways Just for You!

Mar 04, 2020

I recently attended the 2020 Social Media Marketing World event in San Diego, and it was an incredible experience! I have done my best to gather the most helpful information and best takeaways from this epic event for you here. Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know if anything was an aha for you too! 

Our first session was by Chris Ducker, virtual CEO and personal branding expert, talking all about "Building a Lasting Legacy with Your Personal Brand."

Here are the biggest takeaways from his session - 

  1. You have a personal brand, whether you like it or not. In this day and age, we must build our personal brands with social media.
  2. People connect with people. 
  3. Become somebody’s favorite … (insert your product/service here)
  4. You must listen to your people. Create content that will help them, including your personal stories.

Next up were Michael and Amy Port of Heroic Public Speaking. Their session was "Pitching and Presentations." As a speaker, I am always looking to improve my delivery and style of presenting. 

The biggest things I learned from them were:

  1. Focus on how you want people to feel at the end of everything.
  2. Winging it is disrespectful to your attendees and audience. Rehearsal is so important in this aspect. <- So important!  
  3. People don’t care about us until they know that we care about them. Your origin story is not helpful at the very beginning of the talk unless you’re Oprah!

I went to a couple of sessions on the second day that were MEH...I won't share from those in an effort to only bring you the best information…

Next up was Stacy Tuschl, author, speaker, and founder of multiple 7-figure businesses, was another great presentation I definitely wanted to share with you, "Effective Organic Strategies for Local Businesses".

Here are the biggest takeaways from that talk:

  1. Team up with other local businesses to share your audiences.
  2. Hold events that draw your ideal customers/clients. Entice them with enticing prizes that highlight the area businesses as well. 

Next was Bella Vasta, pet sitter turned business consultant, talking to us about "How to Creatively Engage a Facebook Group". You know I am ALL about that!

Here is what I brought back for you:

  1. Your public pages on social media are your front yard. Your Facebook group is your backyard - AKA the cool place to hang out with your friends.
  2. You’re the host, entertain them!
  3. Create experiences and events for your audience.
  4. People may tune out "mom and dad," so bring in experts. I do this in my online membership, The Social Groove. In the first quarter of 2020, I had Rachel Krampe in there sharing her expertise on Facebook ads and I have plans to bring in other experts as well! 
  5. Use Learning Units in your groups. They are organizational segments that help people to find what they need in the order that they need it.
  6. We all want to belong to something! 

The next speaker I was not familiar with before I heard him speak. Tyler Anderson, founder of the agency Casual Fridays, spoke on "How to Turn Your Audience into a Content Army."

If you have a local business, this one is full of helpful info. Here are my takeaways:

  1. Create a user-generated content (UGC) strategy. This is more than just creating a hashtag. ASK for audience participation and make it easy for them to participate and sing your praises.
  2. Offer incentives for sharing user-generated content.
  3. Create remarkable experiences that they can't WAIT to share! 

Michaela Alexis, someone I've been following for years in the LinkedIn space, has moved to focus completely on LinkedIn pages - a part of the platform that I had all but ignored. I knew they'd made improvements, so I was very interested in what she had to say. 

These are the tips I thought would benefit you from that talk:

  1. You don’t need a huge budget to execute a LinkedIn Page. 
  2. Build it right, and they will come.
  3. There are several features now that we didn’t have before. For instance, you can invite your personal connections to like your page, just like you can with Facebook! 
  4. You can load documents to your page. This means you can repurpose downloads and presentations.
  5. Pages and profiles both matter equally

I almost missed the keynote on the last day, but decided to hustle so I could catch Jasmine Star. She is a photographer and Instagram strategist who talked to us about one of my favorites - Instagram. What an inspiring story, and she is a truly engaging speaker!

Here are the golden nuggets I brought back from Jasmine:

  1. There is room for you.
  2. Nobody does it like you.
  3. We've got to make people feel something. 
  4. Give give give! But when you ask, go hard.

Now this next one was kind of a big deal to me. She was even the catalyst for me attending this show in the first place. I've been following Chalene Johnson since 2007 when I used one of her workout programs to lose some weight after college (yeah Turbojam!) Since those days, she has built a number of very successful businesses, and also teaches marketing. I've learned a lot from this woman! 

This is what I gained from listening to Chalene:

  1. IGTV is Instagram’s favorite child. (I will be focusing here!)
  2. Make the first 3 seconds of your IGTV video count. 
  3. Horizontal video is ok now in IGTV. 
  4. IGTV gives you an opportunity to have a thumbnail which you can actually customize in Canva. It will effectively give you a link in your feed post! 
  5. Drop the aesthetic - the perfect grid is so 2019! (YAY!) 

Tyler J McCall was my last session for the conference. He is an Instagram expert who had a super positive message with several nuggets of wisdom I'd like to share. 

Here they are:

  1. Focus on 1:1 relationships.
  2. Answer every comment and DM.
  3. Stop saying Link in Bio, instead say DM me. (Again, YES!) 

Whew! It was a whirlwind of a trip, and I'm so glad I decided to take the leap and travel across the country to be with my fellow social media addicts. And, I'm even happier I get to bring this information back to you in a concise way, filtering out all the stuff you don't need and bringing you all the things you do!

Have questions about anything in this update? Feel free to DM me on Instagram! And let me know what stood out to you in my takeaways! 

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