Creating Content That Connects: What to Post on Social Media

brainstorm content ideal client planning social media May 27, 2020

Ever feel like your social media posts are not quite landing? You post regularly, but the likes, comments and shares just aren't coming. 

What's missing? Connection.

Your social media is not about you. It’s about your followers! If they’re not feeling it, then they’re not going to stick around, and we’re posting to an empty room.  

So how do you create that connection? You serve your ideal followers - give them what they need, in that moment! 

In short, you give them virtual HUGS. (Seriously...go with it.) 

Below is a simple framework that I use with my clients, and with my own content to inject ideas (and fun) into my social media posts, so I know that I’m creating a balanced drip of content that is serving my ideal client - not just myself.

Each letter in the HUGS framework is an idea generator for your content. Think of them as loose categories, where you can begin to sort your posts each week - knowing that you’re covering all the bases and truly creating content that connects! 

In order to get the most out of this framework, download my Content that Connects Worksheet!

Ready?! Let’s idea jam! 

HELP: What would support your client right now? Helping content will teach them and meet them where they’re at. Every business has something to teach its followers. For example, I like to share tips on my social media accounts that will help small businesses and entrepreneurs get found online. Someone who sells calligraphy prints can teach us all about the papers and pens she likes. And a fitness professional can share daily exercises that we can try on our own. If you share value on a regular basis, people will continue to come back to your blog and social sites for more! And, you will build that trust that is required for them to become a paying customer in the future. 

What to share: Tips, insights, stats and tools

UNDERSTAND: What are your ideal client's struggles? This is that connection piece. They need to know that you understand them and what they’re going through. Write in their exact words - here’s where market research comes in - your goal is to make them say - you GET me! Telling stories, sharing who you were just a few years ago (they will most likely relate) and share that transformation that they’re looking for. 

What to share: Relatable quotes, client/customer stories, YOUR story

GUIDE: This is where you’ll share your offers, let people know about your products and share upcoming events. You have to remind people of what it is that you do on a regular basis. Remember, social media is not a sales flyer - but it’s smart to promote upcoming events, current freebies and sales each week. You’ve got to tell people that next step to take with you! 

What to share: Links to your free calls, downloadable PDFs, entry level offers, upcoming events. 

SHARE: What can you share from your daily life to inspire your ideal client? Bring them in behind the scenes, photos of you living the lifestyle, your thoughts and every day moments. Show us snippets and glimpses of how your product is made, your team doing what they do best, and everyday activities that make your business special. People connect with people, not things-so put yourself out there! 

What to share: Photos of your work environment, projects in progress, attending events, your daily activities 

Don’t forget to download my Content that Connects  Worksheet!

So tell me - are you feeling inspired? Have you come up with new ideas for sharing on your social media? 

Come on over to Instagram and let me know what came up for you! 

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