Content Repurposing: 6 Places to Look for Content You Can Use Again!

blog content facebook live instagram repurpose social media social post website Aug 07, 2020

We’ve all been there - it's 3 pm, we're sitting at the computer and staring at a blank screen. You want to scream, "I’ve been talking about my business for 1, 5, or even 10 years now, there’s nothing new to say!"

And that feeling is valid. There’s not much that's really new in this world nowadays anyway, am I right? 

But the good news is, we can get more mileage from things that we’ve already taken the time to create. 

With algorithms, we underestimate how many people are seeing something that we’ve posted on social media. We think, "oh, I've already shared that," when the majority of your people missed it the first time.

For instance, less than 6% of your followers on Facebook pages will see your posts….sad but true - so get it out there more than once! 

You should feel free and liberated to re-use content to your heart’s content

How to get the most mileage from NEW Content

When you are sharing a new blog post or podcast, we can optimize sharing across platforms to get the most out of its debut - so let's start there. 

Here’s the ideal strategy for getting the most out of NEW content, beginning with your core content first. 

  1. Create a large piece of content, this would be a Facebook Live, or a podcast
  2. Repurpose that content into a blog
  3. Let people know that it’s out there, via an email to your list
  4. The last step is to break out some main points from the core content and share it to social media, linking back to the original piece of content

From there, whenever you get stuck, you can do a content treasure hunt in your already existing online presence! 

How to Maximize Existing Content 

As we said above, sometimes we just can't think of anything new to say - so let's go back in time to content we've already created and give it a new life! Here are 6 places to look for content you can use again, plus a couple of ideas to get you started! 

1. Your website:

  • Share the recommended tools or resources you use and explain why in social posts. You can also include affiliate links!
  • Write a blog post about the recommended tools/resources you love 

2. Your blog: 

  • Share a link to an older, but still relevant, blog post 
  • Go live on social and present the points from an older blog post via video - link back to the original blog post 

3. Facebook Lives or other videos that you’ve posted:

  • Download the video from Facebook and upload it to your YouTube channel, or IGTV
  • Share an email with a link back to the video 

4. Instagram posts 

5. Podcast episodes - your own, or ones where you’ve been the guest: 

  • Write out the content into a blog post and link to the epsiode
  • Email your list a round up of recent podcast guest spots 

6. Existing Emails that you’ve sent to your list:

  • Rewrite into captions for social media posts 
  • Go live and share the information in a short video

I’ve created a worksheet with all of the above, plus more places to find great content that you can use again!  Download that here, and get inspired! 

So, did you find any gems that you can repurpose in a new way? Tell me about them in the comments! 


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