10 Ways to Love on Your Audience

social media Feb 14, 2020

You get back what you put out into the world.

I was talking about this with my 9 year old son recently. We had a great discussion about how when the boys are mopey, it can make me feel mopey. When they’re happy (usually) mommy’s happy. 

In business, on social media, when speaking in public - this is also true. As an authority in your space, you are the thermometer for the "room," or the online platform that they’re choosing to interact with you on.

If you put out negativity, boring or doomsday content, you’re going to get negativity, and/or simply hear crickets (ie no response) back! If you put out positive, value driven content - people are going to have a positive reaction - and keep coming back!

Taking another step deeper into this, if you want engagement on your social media, you've got to give engagement. What is engagement? Simply likes, comments, shares and saves on your social media content. This is what tells the Facebook and Instagram algorithms to keep pushing out your content - with this type of interaction, you're proving to these platforms that your stuff is worth seeing! 

So, how do we love on our online audience? Let me count the ways! (Ok, so there’s ten here, but I could probably think of 8 million…)

  1. Share content that helps them. That’s it. Provide valuable content that supports them in solving the particular problem you’re great at solving. Grab my brainstorm worksheet that'll support you in coming up with HELP content within my H.U.G.S. Framework!)
  2. Be Responsive - Answer your social media comments, reply thoughtfully to your direct messages (doesn’t have to be right away, either.)
  3. Go to them - Leave genuine comments on THEIR posts, reply to THEIR Instagram stories. Don't wait for them to come to you.
  4. Shout out your most engaged fans on social media - tell them how much you appreciate them - by name or username!   
  5. Share a tool that you love, which has made your life easier 
  6. Feature their question, and answer it as its own post - tagging them 
  7. Send out an email that is pure value. Email CAN be fun and super valuable to your audience, promise! 
  8. Go Live to do a Q&A on a topic you get lots of questions about (I like to do this on Fridays on my Facebook page.)
  9. Let them know you see them struggling, you understand what they're going through, and you’re there to help 
  10. Share how they can work with you - really. This is showing them love! 

As I said, there are a million other ways to do this. But this list should get you off to a great start! 

Please let me know if you start doing this, and what happens as a result - and, please share your ideas with me in the comments, I love to hear from you!

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