10 Tips to Help You Make Time for Social Media

facebook marketing posting social media Apr 29, 2020

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An objection I see a lot when it comes to social media for business is “I don’t have time.”And, “I’d love to post more consistently, but there aren’t enough hours in the day!”

They’re running 16 different directions just to keep their business going smoothly, and they can’t imagine spending MORE time on social media.

Boy, do I get that! I have two small kids, and time is something that always seems to magically evaporate! 

Have you said this too? Between the daily to-dos of running a business, it’s no wonder that you feel you don’t have time to tackle social media. BUT, if you don’t post and interact regularly via social media, you are missing opportunities to communicate and build lasting relationships with people who NEED your products and services, now and down the road.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day and we need to switch our mindset to MAKE time to engage with our customers and build an online platform for the conversation that leads to brand loyalty, referrals, and SALES.

So, here are my best tips to MAKE time to market your business via social media!

TIP # 1 Evaluate Your Online Foundation

Posting to Facebook is not going to do anything for you if your website is not optimized to lead people to the next step once they’ve landed there. Building followers on Facebook is not going to do anything for you if you don’t capture the email addresses so you can nurture the relationship and then sell via email.

There are pieces of your marketing that need to be in place before you even start posting to social media. Save yourself the time of posting, until you have these in place.

1) A website or landing page that will be your online home base

2) An email service provider to allow you to give away freebies in return for email addresses, and to store, segment and send to those email addresses

3) Optimized social media profiles that showcase your products and offers, making it easy for followers to take the next step – join your email list or visit your website in order to buy or book a session with you. (It’s all connected!)

If your eyes just glazed over at this one, you may need one to one support on this before you commit to regular social media posting!

TIP #2: Commit to a Routine/Plan for Sharing Your Content

Routines and systems take the guesswork out of anything that you’re doing. From bedtime to writing my blog posts, a routine allows me to know what’s next in the process without taking up too much brain space.

Make it easy for yourself to post to social media and spend time on the right things by writing out what you’ve committed to doing. How many times will you post to Facebook each week? Instagram? How many emails will you write each month? Are you blogging? How often?

Put it all down on paper so you know what’s expected and have a framework to follow each week/month/quarter/year. What you’ve created is a regular, consistent plan for your marketing and a routine for making it happen! Here’s a handout that’ll help you plan Content that Connects with your audience.

TIP #3: Use a Social Media Scheduler

If you’re shooting from the hip and posting when you have time, you’re going to be inconsistent and frazzled! There are a number of fantastic online programs that will help you to post regularly and at ideal times for your followers.  

Tip #4: Eliminate distractions

Sitting down at your computer or with your phone is step one to posting and engaging on social media – the problem with that is that these devices are set up to notify you when you have a new email, post comment, podcast episode or even when it’s time to feed your pet – thank you very much Reminders App!

It’s up to you to focus your energies on marketing your business with social media, and closing other tabs, turning off notifications, and shutting down your email app are great ways to start!

If you’re someone that falls into the abyss of the Facebook timeline easily when you’re supposed to be in business mode, I recommend a Chrome Extension called Newsfeed Eradicator on your laptop/desktop. It turns off your feed and replaces it with quotes about how you should get back to work! I love this thing…

Tip #5: Set an alarm

Use your device to set your alarm for 20 minutes – then FOCUS on the task you’re sitting down to complete – creating awesome content!

Tip #6: Utilize your Bookmarks Bar

Again, I’m using Chrome for my browser, and I’ve created bookmark folders to keep me organized.

In Chrome, go to Bookmarks>Bookmark Manager and create a folder for social media. Within that folder, save your links for Facebook, Instagram, etc, PLUS your scheduler (see tip 3) and your website – basically any sites you routinely visit when you’re posting to social media.

Then, when you sit down to post to social, Ctrl-click on a Mac or right-click on a PC to choose the option of Open All 5 in New Window. Boom – you have all the sites you need to get to work!

Tip #7: Prioritize

We all have a To-Do list that rolls over and grows each and every day. That sets us up for disappointment and overwhelm every time. But, what if you still write your big long list, but highlight just the three big ones? When you complete those, won’t you feel way more accomplished? There are usually three big-ish things that you can knock out in one day – shoot for that!

Tip #8: Track your wins

Take time to recognize that you’ve completed those three things. There are a number of planners out there that give you an option for this. I ordered one late last year, and I’m loving including my VICTORIES in the bottom right corner at the end of each week. Pssst…If you want some awesome pens to use with it – here’s my pick! 

TIP # 9: Block your time

Once you know what you’re planning to post and where you can make time each week (I call this Marketing Monday) to block out an hour devoted to posting to social media. Then, spend just 15 minutes per day to engage in your posts, following new accounts that fit your ideal customer profile, and sharing from other accounts. See tips 3, 4, and 5 again to make sure you’re focused at that time!

TIP #10: Batch your projects

If you know you’re posting to Facebook a certain number of times each week and each one requires a graphic, it makes sense to create those posts all at once. This is called batching, and it keeps you from jumping all over the place from task to task. This can fit into Marketing Monday, or you can block time later in the week for graphics. Here's a blog post on how to optimize photo organization for efficient social media posting.

Batching other projects is helpful as well – some people block a full day for blogging, research, or recording video/podcast content. This is a concept that you can apply to your business with big results!

Now I want to hear from you! What is one thing you’re going to try from the list above in order to MAKE time for your social media marketing this week? Hint – you don’t have to do all of them at once – start with ONE! (Don’t forget to write it down, then cross that baby off your list!) 

Happy posting! 


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