Content Repurposing: 6 Places to Look for Content You Can Use Again!

We’ve all been there - it's 3 pm, we're sitting at the computer and staring at a blank screen. You want to scream, "I’ve been talking about my business for 1, 5, or even 10 years now, there’s nothing new to say!"

And that feeling is valid. There’s not much that's really new in this world nowadays anyway, am I right? 

But the good news is, we can get more mileage from things that we’ve already taken the time to create. 

With algorithms, we underestimate how many people are seeing something that we’ve posted on social media. We think, "oh, I've already shared that," when the majority of your people missed it the first time.

For instance, less than 6% of your followers on Facebook pages will see your posts….sad but true - so get it out there more than once! 

You should feel free and liberated to re-use content to your heart’s content

How to get the most mileage from NEW Content

When you are sharing a new...

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Creating Content That Connects: What to Post on Social Media

Ever feel like your social media posts are not quite landing? You post regularly, but the likes, comments and shares just aren't coming. 

What's missing? Connection.

Your social media is not about you. It’s about your followers! If they’re not feeling it, then they’re not going to stick around, and we’re posting to an empty room.  

So how do you create that connection? You serve your ideal followers - give them what they need, in that moment! 

In short, you give them virtual HUGS. (Seriously...go with it.) 

Below is a simple framework that I use with my clients, and with my own content to inject ideas (and fun) into my social media posts, so I know that I’m creating a balanced drip of content that is serving my ideal client - not just myself.

Each letter in the HUGS framework is an idea generator for your content. Think of them as loose categories, where you can begin to sort your posts each week - knowing that you’re...

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10 Tips to Help You Make Time for Social Media

Please note: Some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I’ll earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase. These affiliate relationships allow me to continue to offer free content on my blog and other platforms. I share and recommend these tools because I use them every day and know they will be helpful in promoting your business online. Thank you for your support!

An objection I see a lot when it comes to social media for business is “I don’t have time.”And, “I’d love to post more consistently, but there aren’t enough hours in the day!”

They’re running 16 different directions just to keep their business going smoothly, and they can’t imagine spending MORE time on social media.

Boy, do I get that! I have two small kids, and time is something that always seems to magically evaporate! 

Have you said this too? Between the daily to-dos of running a business, it’s no...

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How to Embrace Social Media (When You Don’t Want To)

Not everybody loves social media. I myself have a love/hate relationship with it – and I teach it for a living! But, when it comes to being an entrepreneur in this day and age, it’s a (really) good idea to have a cohesive social media presence that truly represents who you are and who you help. This is your 24-hour sales engine and you are in charge! 

With constant changes on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the other platforms, it can feel overwhelming at best and like completely wasted time at worst!

However, it doesn’t have to be a gloom and doom, “it’s just something I have to trudge through” situation. It can be fun, fruitful, and even inspiring if you let it! In today’s post, I’m going to walk you through my best tips to help you embrace the opportunities of social media!

Switch Your Mindset

Let’s try looking at social media as a GET TO, not a HAVE TO. You don’t actually HAVE TO be on social media for your...

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Photo Organization for Efficient Social Media Posting

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2020

Have you ever wanted to post a certain picture on Instagram or Facebook, but you just can’t seem to find it? Most of us take photos daily and it can be tricky to organize the chaos of hundreds of pictures. Here are some tips to help you manage your photos, so you’ll have more time for making shareable content that engages your audience.

Know where your photos are

This is the foundation of posting consistently to social media. Not having your digital organization act together is enough to deter anyone from even trying. It is so disheartening to sit down to your computer with the intent of posting a week’s worth of content, only to spend your allotted time searching your crowded desktop-or worse, that bursting-at-the-seams downloads folder! The solution is to have a system for saving your images when you first create them! 

This is where Dropbox comes in. Another one, of course, is Google Drive-I don’t care which one you use, but your life will be easier...

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SMMW Takeaways Just for You!

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2020

I recently attended the 2020 Social Media Marketing World event in San Diego, and it was an incredible experience! I have done my best to gather the most helpful information and best takeaways from this epic event for you here. Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know if anything was an aha for you too! 

Our first session was by Chris Ducker, virtual CEO and personal branding expert, talking all about "Building a Lasting Legacy with Your Personal Brand."

Here are the biggest takeaways from his session - 

  1. You have a personal brand, whether you like it or not. In this day and age, we must build our personal brands with social media.
  2. People connect with people. 
  3. Become somebody’s favorite … (insert your product/service here)
  4. You must listen to your people. Create content that will help them, including your personal stories.

Next up were Michael and Amy Port of Heroic Public Speaking. Their session was "Pitching and Presentations." As...

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10 Ways to Love on Your Audience

social media Feb 14, 2020

You get back what you put out into the world.

I was talking about this with my 9 year old son recently - perhaps influenced by the latest James Wedmore podcast with Brandon Lucero. We had a great discussion about how when the boys are mopey, it can make me feel mopey. When they’re happy (usually) mommy’s happy. 

In business, on social media, when speaking in public - this is also true. As an authority in your space, you are the thermometer for the "room," or the online platform that they’re choosing to interact with you on.

If you put out negativity, boring or doomsday content, you’re going to get negativity, and/or simply hear crickets (ie no response) back! If you put out positive, value driven content - people are going to have a positive reaction - and keep coming back!

Taking another step deeper into this, if you want engagement on your social media, you've got to give engagement. What is engagement? Simply likes, comments, shares and saves...

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How, When, and Where to use Hashtags on Social Media

Did you ever see the hashtag video with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake? (If you haven’t seen it, watch it here.) In the video from the Late Night Show, the guys were hilariously poking fun at the over-use of hashtags, but I’m here to tell you that hashtags are actually a very useful tool in your social media toolbox.

In today's post, I’ll go over what hashtags are exactly, and how to go about using them on social media.

A hashtag is simply the pound sign (#) followed by a keyword or phrase, no spaces. Like #greensmoothies or #farmersmarkets. They are used as a way to label or organize your posts into categories of interest to make them easier for people to find on each platform. 

Staying with the food theme, let's say I wanted to make a smoothie. I might hop over to Pinterest or Instagram to search #smoothierecipes. This would return to me a never-ending result of all the posts tagged with #smoothierecipes. If you're a blogger who blogs about smoothies -...

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New Year, MORE You!

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2019

I’m as much of a self development junkie as the next hopeful entrepreneur - especially on the first day of a new year. It feels like a big ole blank slate, just waiting to be highlighted and calendared and sticky noted into perfection! 

THIS is MY year. THIS is when it all changes. When I finally implement all the things, and consistently perform them the RIGHT way.

But, that’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself, right?

What if instead of New Year, NEW You, we went with New Year - MORE you. Sharing more of what makes you special. Letting people in, and showing them that they’re not alone. Being open and honest about our journey, with the intent of helping others move forward in theirs.

You can help them, because you WERE them. More often than not, your ideal client is a mini you - who you were before you discovered the solution to what you were struggling with 3 years ago. That’s why you’re such a good fit for them!

If we stop worrying about...

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Join me Monday October 12 through Friday October 16th

Have you pivoted or refined your business this year? Have you chosen to go forward with that big scary dream and to speak to a totally new ideal client in the process?

What if you could make just a few small tweaks and it could boost your business in the background while you go about your regularly scheduled programming?

I created my Social Media Tune-Up to help your business do just that.  

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