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It's Time to #EmbraceSocialU


Are you overwhelmed with all you SHOULD be doing on social media? Do you feel like you have so much to do, that you can't even start?

No matter your audience size (seriously I’m proof you can be full-time in your business without a giant following), you can go from NO likes & comments to having engaged, raving fans & a booked out calendar by using my proven EMBRACE methodology. To get started, you need a plan. Grab my FREE Guidebook to effortlessly map out content that connects with your ideal people!

Hey there! I’m Stacey Nachajski (Na-HIGH-Ski-I know, it’s a doozie.)

As you might have guessed, my passion is to teach small business owners - just like you - how to learn & leverage social media to connect with your ideal people, & fill your calendars.


Because as a business owner & a Mom of 2 in small town New Hampshire, the last thing I have more of is TIME!

But we both know that if you want to grow your business to the next level (regardless of the state of the economy), you must spend time connecting with your ideal people on social media.

What if I could teach you how to spend less time, but get more results?

Let me explain...

The #1 question I get from my clients is “Stacey, how do I get more followers & likes?”

And my question to them is always:

“Are you on Instagram to get famous or to create an income?”

Let me set the record straight if you want to get famous I am not the gal for you but if you want to create raving fans & make $$$$... I’ll give you a quick tip...

You’ve got to stop using influencer strategies!

Instead channel your unique charm & focus on serving your followers.    

And you don’t need to spend more time on social. In fact you can spend less time online if you start doing the right things. You just need to implement my EMBRACE framework!


Wondering how you can learn my EMBRACE strategy, here’s how:

Embrace Social U Classroom Membership (DIY) 

Are you a small business owner wearing all of the hats? Do you want to hire a team someday but today you’ve got to find the fastest, simplest strategy to get results online without wearing yourself out? 

Then the Embrace Social U Classroom is for you! The ESU Classroom is a supportive community filled with other entrepreneurs just like you who are learning right along with you. Join, and you get: training, accountability, & get to ask a social media expert (that’s me!) your burning questions.

Come hang out with us! 


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Want me to speak to your group or team (online or in-person) & train them how to use social media to build a thriving online presence? You’ve got it! I typically book out 6 months in advance so contact me early to see if our schedules match.  

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1:1 Social Media Training

Have a specific platform you’d like to learn, get set up or refreshed? 

Need a content plan?

Let's dig into your goals, objectives, and create together!

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Still Feeling Scattered on Social?

Put all those ideas to work, with a streamlined one-page plan for creating content that connects with your ideal people.


Join me Monday October 12 through Friday October 16th

Have you pivoted or refined your business this year? Have you chosen to go forward with that big scary dream and to speak to a totally new ideal client in the process?

What if you could make just a few small tweaks and it could boost your business in the background while you go about your regularly scheduled programming?

I created my Social Media Tune-Up to help your business do just that.  

Let's Tune up Your Social Media together!